Frequently asked Questions

1. What services does CAC offer?

We ship cargo to Central and South America by Air freight and Ocean Freight. For more information, visit our web page

2. Does the new import regulation to ship Medicines and Food apply when shipping goods by airfreight or ocean freight?

La New Cuban Customs Regulation from July 17th, 2021, only applies for passengers arriving in Cuba and bringing the goods as part of their luggage. For more information, check the link.

3. Where do you deliver in Cuba?

We deliver to all provinces in Cuba through our agents Aerovaradero, Correos de Cuba, Transcargo and Cubapack.

4. Can I send medicines?

You can send a package of medicines that weighs up to 10kg (maximum allowable), and your family will pay taxes in CUP in Cuba. All medicine must be sent in their original packaging, including boxes and /or containers. Note* adult diapers are classified as medicine.

5. What is the maximum weight can I send in a package of Miscellaneous?

Packages of miscellaneous cargo can weight up to 3 kgs. When preparing packages at home, make sure packages are not heavier than 2.95 kgs to allow for extra packaging if needed. Note that additional taxes will be applied for each extra gram.

6. What can be sent in a miscellaneous package?

Clothing, footwear, non-perishable food, toiletries, etc. Keep in mind that there are items that are not allowed by air / maritime cargo because they are considered dangerous. For example: batteries, matches, chemical products, aerosols or sprays, perfumes, hairdressing products, nail polish, etc. For more information, contact the nearest Central America Cargo office for advice.

7. How many miscellaneous shipments can I send to one person?

Customs does not state a limit on how many shipments a person can receive. Please note that shipments cannot be commercial in nature and must not exceed what is allowed by customs regulations. For more information, you can contact the Central America Cargo agency closest to you or consult the customs website at the following link.

8. How much will my family in Cuba pay when receiving the parcels?

Your family will only pay duties and taxes on the imported goods as per the Customs Tariff. Al other charges are prepaid by the shipper. For more info, check the link -Regulaciones.pdf.

9. Where are you located?

We have offices in Canada (Toronto and Montreal), Mexico, Panama, China and work with Authorized agents in the USA.

10. I want to ship my parcels to you, what do I do?

Simply choose the closest office and follow the instructions on the form.

11. I want to drop my parcels at your location, what do I do?

Due to COVID we are no longer accepting walk ins. Please book an appointment before coming to any of the offices.

  • Toronto – Link Toronto

  • Montreal – Link Montreal

  • Cancún - Por teléfono o WhatsApp al +52 553-993-8377

  • Zona Libre - Por teléfono o WhatsApp al +507 63253225

  • Ciudad Panamá – Por teléfono o WhatsApp al +507-6834-6669 / +507-6112-1281

12. How long will it take for my shipment to arrive?

Shipments usually arrive within 2-5 business days. We have weekly flights to Havana and shipments are then distributed to other provinces. Due to COVID, current transit time to the provinces takes approximately 4-6 weeks. During regular times, there are flights to each international airport every week, making transit times to the provinces shorter. Check with your local office to learn about direct flights from your area.

13. Can I send a flat screen TV to a family member?

No, because its customs value exceeds the 200.00 USD allowed. TVs can only be shipped as “Unaccompanied Baggage”, in Spanish called “equipaje no acompañado” (ENA).

*** US dollars will be converted to CUP at the time of payment.

14. How can I send Unaccompanied Luggage (ENA)?

Only residents who possess a Cuban ID or a “carnet de identidad” and have travelled outside of Cuba can import unaccompanied luggage. These individuals can bring items that exceed the value of $ 200.00 USD until they complete the $ 1000.00 (points). For more information, you can contact the Central America Cargo agency closest to you or consult the Cuban Customs website at the following link.

15. What is the maximum customs value in USD that I can send?

You can send items that have a value of up to $ 200.00 USD and 30.00 USD will be exempted of payment in each shipment.

*** US dollars will be converted to CUP at the time of payment.

16. Can I send appliances?

You can send any appliance as long as it does not exceed the value of $ 200.00 USD. Also, take into account the specifications of the appliance, and its customs regulations. For more information, click on the link.

* US dollars will be converted to CUP.

17. How can I track my cargo?

Please visit the link

18. Can I send an Ocean Container with my personal effects?

To ship a container the person must have received their residence through the repatriation process, or have canceled their PRE (residence permit abroad). Also, the person must have a permit issued by Transcargo or Palco agencies. These are the agencies designated to receive personal effects shipments.

19. Can I send tools?

Tools can be shipped as long as they do not contain batteries.

20. Can I send auto and motorcycle parts?

All auto parts are allowed to be shipped in the regulation as long as they are new and have no oil residue and no fuel has circulated through them at any point.

21. Can I send gas cars and motorcycles?

Gas cars and motorcycles can only be imported temporarily into Cuba with prior authorization from Cuban authorities.

22. How to start a claim process if my package does not arrive?

Check the following link for the process.

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